Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Still on my quest for truth....thanks to my experiences with Twitter, comparison between various news organizations, and unbiased research, I have a better grasp of what direction our country is now headed. have something to say? go ahead! start blogging away!!!

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My experiences with Twitter, along with comparisons between news organizations and unbiased facts and research have allowed me to really learn about what is happening to our country. Want to talk about it? Post something here and start a discussion
politicalquest said...
I'm still on a quest, however, thanks to twitter friends, I've gotten to know our president and leaders, and I'm afraid it's...well, i'm just afraid! disagree? tell me all about it!!!!!! blog away!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i already have 4 followers on twitter (they all came within 15 mins of each other) must admit that i was leaning toward the foxnews folks, as olbermann and maddow seemed angry....almost insane...olbermann literally sd that the murder of dr tiller, the abortion doc was the fault of bill o'reilly and fox news....he played several clips of bill o'reilly discussing the doc. i was inclined to agree with o'reilly, as all that he did was call the doctor a 'baby killer'....which, he was. babies 37+ weeks gestation are considered full term. i know many people who had babies before this time, and they were perfectly fine, going home with the family at the end of the mother's hospital stay. so to deliver, then kill a baby at that time is indeed, baby-killing however you slice it. bill o'reilly simply stated the facts on his show, and olbermann's played clips reinforced this. comments anyone?

Monday, June 1, 2009

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Here's the deal-I want to be sort of a political blank canvas, ok, not totally blank...I may get mad, sad, confused, etc. I am looking to the blog readers to help me figure things out. ie, i want to know what you know, in order to form the best and most versed opinions on politics today. I don't have a PhD from Harvard, I'm not a Rhoades Scholar-My background is a BS in Sociology/Criminal Justice with a Social Gerontology Certificate. I have a Masters Degree, but I will not disclose what this Masters is in, as I want to keep myself a little bit of a mystery. I will not give a political party affiliation-though I will disclose some of my beliefs, leanings, opinions, etc-on some issues. I will not disclose my sex. I am just going to ask a lot of questions, and I want answers-please back up your answers with some facts....please. Try not to be nasty....try REAL hard. All political persuasions welcome. If I disagree with you, please do not get mad or insult me...I'm just using facts to form 'good' opinions. I want to hear your side-thoughtfully, logically, calmly. Also, check out poliquest on Twitter!!!!! This is important, because I 'tweet' alot after the nightly line-up of political shows-O'Reilly, Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Hannity, on the record with Greta Van Susteran. I don't watch them in their entirety. I take about as much as I can, will flip to other, mindless things, then flip back-if I miss something important-tell me-don't curse me out, call me an idiot-just TELL me-I will admit if I think I am wrong, but please don't tell me that I am wrong, unless you have facts to back it up. Please do not say that my opinion is wrong. Opinions-we are all allowed to have them! Off to wind down the day, have a little dinner, and gear up for the Monday night line-up with a glass of milk-yep! a glass of milk, then some water, i'm just getting over the flu!