Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i already have 4 followers on twitter (they all came within 15 mins of each other) must admit that i was leaning toward the foxnews folks, as olbermann and maddow seemed angry....almost insane...olbermann literally sd that the murder of dr tiller, the abortion doc was the fault of bill o'reilly and fox news....he played several clips of bill o'reilly discussing the doc. i was inclined to agree with o'reilly, as all that he did was call the doctor a 'baby killer'....which, he was. babies 37+ weeks gestation are considered full term. i know many people who had babies before this time, and they were perfectly fine, going home with the family at the end of the mother's hospital stay. so to deliver, then kill a baby at that time is indeed, baby-killing however you slice it. bill o'reilly simply stated the facts on his show, and olbermann's played clips reinforced this. comments anyone?

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