Monday, June 1, 2009

thanks for checking out this blog!

Here's the deal-I want to be sort of a political blank canvas, ok, not totally blank...I may get mad, sad, confused, etc. I am looking to the blog readers to help me figure things out. ie, i want to know what you know, in order to form the best and most versed opinions on politics today. I don't have a PhD from Harvard, I'm not a Rhoades Scholar-My background is a BS in Sociology/Criminal Justice with a Social Gerontology Certificate. I have a Masters Degree, but I will not disclose what this Masters is in, as I want to keep myself a little bit of a mystery. I will not give a political party affiliation-though I will disclose some of my beliefs, leanings, opinions, etc-on some issues. I will not disclose my sex. I am just going to ask a lot of questions, and I want answers-please back up your answers with some facts....please. Try not to be nasty....try REAL hard. All political persuasions welcome. If I disagree with you, please do not get mad or insult me...I'm just using facts to form 'good' opinions. I want to hear your side-thoughtfully, logically, calmly. Also, check out poliquest on Twitter!!!!! This is important, because I 'tweet' alot after the nightly line-up of political shows-O'Reilly, Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Hannity, on the record with Greta Van Susteran. I don't watch them in their entirety. I take about as much as I can, will flip to other, mindless things, then flip back-if I miss something important-tell me-don't curse me out, call me an idiot-just TELL me-I will admit if I think I am wrong, but please don't tell me that I am wrong, unless you have facts to back it up. Please do not say that my opinion is wrong. Opinions-we are all allowed to have them! Off to wind down the day, have a little dinner, and gear up for the Monday night line-up with a glass of milk-yep! a glass of milk, then some water, i'm just getting over the flu!

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